Pediatric Surgery


We appreciate the faith that parents place in us when entrusting their children to us for surgery. Brookside provides a safe and comfortable environment for children having outpatient procedures. We know that even minor procedures can be a frightening experience for little ones.

Through the use of tours, coloring books, and bookmarks, Brookside helps both children and parents to better understand what they can expect and how they can best prepare for their child’s outpatient procedure. Below are a few things to expect and ways to prepare to ensure a successful surgery experience:

Parents are encouraged to schedule their child for a pre-surgery tour where they will learn about what to expect in a way they will understand.
Bring an extra set of clothes, including an adequate diaper bag if necessary.
Bring a favorite toy, blanket or bottle to help your child feel more at ease.
Be prepared to stay at BSC until your child is discharged. When the procedure is completed, parents or guardians will be allowed to accompany the child into the recovery room. BSC believes in involving parents in the post-op care as much as possible.
Consider making arrangements for another adult to provide transportation home to allow you to provide extra special attention to your child.

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