Robotic-Assisted Partial Knee Replacement

Navio Handpiece 2
Navio Surgical System at Brookside Surgery Center
The Navio Surgical System is changing the way surgeons perform partial knee replacement. Using state-of-the-art technology, Navio works with the surgeon’s skilled hands to achieve accurate positioning of the knee implant for consistent and accurate outcomes. During the procedure the surgeon will assess your anatomy and tailor an approach unique to you.

Navio’s touchscreen monitor and linear workflow are designed to leverage the surgeon’s strengths with the system’s advanced tools.

Benefits of Partial Knee Replacement Over a Total Knee Replacement:
  • Less pain
  • Quicker rehabilitation and recovery
  • Lower risk of complications
  • Smaller incisions
Additional Benefits of a Partial Knee Replacement Using the Navio System:
  • Consistent results
  • Accurately placed implants
  • Customized planning
  • No CT radiation required